Steven Hitchcock and his double breasted suit.

Steven Hitchcock and his double breasted suit.

Ahmad Jamal, Session 1971.

Jamal is a little less known to most casual jazz listeners, but he was a huge influence on Miles Davis’s music and the music of many others.

His playing style is what I would call “understated”. Like the best dressers, he doesn’t use flash or loudness, but an undeniable confidence and purpose in his note choice(color choice) and use of dynamics(texture and pattern). (This is a menswear blog, after all.)

This is a long video, but might be something nice to open in another tab and listen to while you are spending some of your precious Sunday on the internet.

Here is some jazz for your Friday viewing and listening pleasure. Fair warning: this is some “out” style of jazz, so it might seem a little dissonant to some.

I urge you to check out Eric Dolphy’s work. He died way too early, and in such a tragic way.

Anyways, please enjoy.

So long, Harold.

So long, Harold.

Drakes Spring 2014

I used to get all my suits made in Italy, until the country ran out of buttons. — Steve Harvey

For anyone interested in jazz.

Recently on “The” Twitter, Aliotsy from This Fits ( asked for recommendations of jazz albums for someone that is only really familiar with “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis. Being a jazz nerd, I thought I would stick my big nose in and write a short list for those that also might be interested.

This is by no means definitive or in any kind of order. I promise you will find something good. Unless you just hate jazz, if that is the case, I will quote the great Howard Moon: “YOU DON’T HATE JAZZ, YOU FEAR JAZZ.”

Here we go:

"Waltz For Debby" Bill Evans Trio

"Sunday at the Village Vanguard" Bill Evans Trio

"Something Else" Cannonball Adderley

"Nancy Wilson/Cannonball Adderley" Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley

"Giant Steps" John Coltrane

"Sketches of Spain" Miles Davis

"Milestones" Miles Davis

"A Love Supreme" John Coltrane

"Live at Birdland" John Coltrane

"Out to Lunch" Eric Dolphy

"Inner Urge" Joe Henderson

"Genius of Modern Music" Thelonious Monk

"The Complete Savoy Sessions" Charlie Parker

"Far East Suite" Duke Ellington

"Oscar Peterson at the Stratford Shakespearean Festival" Oscar Peterson Trio

"Midnight Blue" Kenny Burrell

"Maiden Voyage" Herbie Hancock

I could spend a year on this list and miss a ton of “essential” stuff. If you look at the players on each of these albums, you will be able to find even more out there.

I would also urge you to check out the current artists that keep the torch burning in the jazz world. Live jazz is one hell of a thing. If you have the chance, go check it out.

Since this is a menswear blog, I will connect the dots. This is music that had its “golden age” when everyone wore a jacket and tie. It also makes great background music for: drinking cocktails, smoking cigars, reading about menswear, reading a book, paying your credit card bill from all the menswear spending, making your list of your ideal wardrobe, archiving Vox’s archive before he deletes it again, shining your shoes, or life in general.

If anyone would like to talk about this more, my ask button is always open.

Think less about finding “combos.” We are not women. We don’t buy outfits. We build wardrobes. — Mafoofan